Evaluate points for direct radiation

Hi M. et al… Following the question about evaluating pts for direct radiation at a specific time and location, I have made a file with the simplest definition: Two buildings, one in front of the other, setting the first building as context and getting the pts to evaluate from the other’s front facade (i.e. the one facing the sun but obstructed by the other bldg)… the evaluation should give a list of boolean values (120 as the number of pts) it should be pretty simple, but I don’t see how to get the result from the SunLightHours component… Thanks, R.

evalute_pts.gh (59.9 KB)

It is working now.

Of course Mostapha will say the last word, but you need to input a mesh/brep as Geometry and not Points.

Also you need to RunIt, give a grid size and a distance from base surface.

If you search for previous threads Mostapha gave an example for points, but it was really creating a small surface of analysis. I’ll try to look for it.


evalute_pts_A.gh (70.4 KB)

Hi Rodrigo and Abraham,

As Abraham mentioned the input can’t be points. If you are looking for certain points you can mesh the surface beforehand and Ladybug will use center of mesh faces as test points.

There is also sunIsVisible output that you can use to see if the point can see the sun or not. It will be more useful if you are testing for more than a single vector.

Many thanks to both! sunIsVisible is the output I was looking for, now I connected a mesh, which I guess means that the component would evaluate its center point, but still is not working for me… gives me 1. Solution exception:unsupported operand type(s) for //: ‘int’ and ‘NoneType’ Any ideas? Thanks again…

evalute_pts_B.gh (72.1 KB)

This is because you removed the value for timeStep input. Set it to 1 and then it should work fine.


No problem. I modified the code to take care of timeStep in similar cases. Thank you! :slight_smile: