Evaluation of indoor comfort related to radiation

Hi everyone,
i’m trying to figure out how to evaluate thermal comfort condition due to radiation passing through a simple window in a closed room. Ladybug allows to do this with the Outdoor solar temperature adjustor but seems to work only with the outdoor irradiation thus not the one passing throug a proper glazing system previously evaluated through radiance, for example.
Anybody can help me with this?
Thanks in advance

Did you mean to include an example file?
One of the outputs of the outdoor Solar Temperature Adjuster is the effectiveRadiantField (W/m2). This will be the contribution of solar radiant energy to the thermal mannequin, representative of the human body, within a space. Be sure to remember that this is only the short-wave radiation and does not include the longwave radiation from interior surfaces. You may insert a value into the windowTransmissivity input to act as a SHGC value for your glazing.

Hey Kit, thanks for your reply. It would be great to have an example file to see how this component works for indoor studies, checking online i can only find chris’ videos but he was analyzing outdoor comfort.
My issue concerns mainly the input that i’ve to use for the indoor comfort study.
Thanks in advance

@pietro.ricobelli You can refer some hydrashare demo case.