Exact camera parameters used for Radiance luminance gif?

If I do an imageBasedSimulation to produce a Radiance luminance render, how to get the exact camera parameters that Radiance used? I ask because my Rhino perspective camera scene looks a little different from what Radiance renders out. I assume that I am (really Ladybug is) passing them to or specifying them in a file for Radiance, or limiting the camera specified from Rhino in some way. Not just position and axis, but FOV, frustum (if necessary), etc.

I’d like to be able to take this same scene geometry and render it in another engine to provide a comparison of the renders from the exact same view.

It’s probably just a difference between Rhino viewport width/height and image width/height, as the aspect ratio of both look the same.

So all I would need to specify in other engines would be camera: lens length, pos, distance to target, and target right?

@delrocco, sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes and no. It depends on your view type and is different between perspective and parallel views. You can find these values in rpict line inside the batch file.

Here are the lines where Honeybee generates the parameters which you can copy/paste into a separate component and test to see if the values match between the two.

Thank you, @mostapha

For future reference: If you only have the HDR file you can use Radiance getinfo command to get the header information which includes rpict command.

getinfo [full path to hdr file]

Did not know that. Thank you!