Example from the latest ver. 0.1.9 of Honeybee named "04_annual_daylight_gridbased"

Hello guys. Can you managed to solve any of the latest examples included in Honeybee Package? Unfortunately for me none of them worked. I resolved bug by bug, but sometimes there is to deep as for random user. I would like to combine Optimo with some Sunlight/Solar Analysis - that is why I am searching for the Workflow suited for Dynamo. Any of the cloud analysis would not be good for me. I am attaching screenshots of my bug. Files you can find inside the latest Honeybee package. If you could solve any of the examples like ‘Annual Daylight Gridbased’ and show me what’s inside in all of the outputs or “Daylight Factor Gridbased” I would be deeply appreciated.

To be honest there are only a few examples for Dynamo users, and a lot of them are old and don’t suit to new examples. So I am very lost.

Yes, I have installed *Radiance to C:\Radiance* folder but how about Open Studio and Energy Plus? - DO I NEED IT to get the results?
Without any logic path from A to Z how to install everything and count anything it’s really long and annoying way to go through.