Exel and radiance

Hello all,

I need urgent help, because I have to hand in my bachelor thesis on Sunday.
The file shows me the following error message and I am not sure how to fix it.
I need the data in an excel. I want to change the angle, the length and the material of the bars.
I would appreciate any tips or help as I cannot reach my supervisor.

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I installed LunchBox, but it doesn’t work Ohne Titel (aktuell).3dm (21.9 KB)
Room(1)_EA.gh (89.0 KB)

I would suggest you to update to development version and sync the gh file. This is not an ideal solution but should work.


I agree with @Teja5zz’s suggestion, and if that doesn’t work try the last stable version “1.2.0” (if you’re not already using it).

Also, just to clarify: your error has to do with some Honeybee error/incompatibility, it doesn’t have anything to do with excel. Once you get your simulation results, then it should be easy to transfer them to excel. Focus on fixing your daylight simulation first.


Oh what? My mentor told me on Wednesday that my daylight simulation is okay. I use the 1.2.0 ANN-Modell…

@Elli.akr, oh I see, was your daylight simulation working without the excel components?

Were you not getting this error on Wednesday?


The daylight simulation works. I see the light results in Rhino6.
My task is to change three parameters and find out from which angle, which length and how many rods the model gives the best results. The evaluation of each simulation should be listed in an Excel. However, this does not work. The simulation works, the results are just not transferred to an Excel. I can’t find the error. I got the error message when I connected the Excel components.

@Elli.akr, ah my mistake then. Off the top of my head, here are some things to try:

  • switch to a C#-based excel writer (could be a python conflict with the ones you’re using now).
  • save to a csv file, then open it in excel. A csv is a lot more robust the excel.


Yes I tried it and it opens an excel sheet that closes and reopens right away. This is probably a bug.
I have now shared a screenshot again, what is the best way to proceed?
The issue is, I could also transfer the data manually, but then I have no data to DA and this is important for my work.


It’s hard to help because your posts aren’t very clear. What exactly did you try? Also your latest screenshot seems to show the error message has dissappeared from the HB component? So did you manage to find a way to resolve that, and now you have a new bug with the Excel component?

We want to help, but need more details.

@wim, do you have any insight here, given that there seems to be some intersection of HB and Excel GH components that might be giving trouble? Would this problem be better dealt with in the McNeel forums?

Okay, I’ll try to explain it a bit more broken down.

I have created a daylight simulation and now I am supposed to run it. The daylight simulation gives me values for my settings to be determined. So the simulation works fine.
These data are to be displayed in an Excel table. The specifications for my excel sheet were given to me and I added the components to my simulation at the end.
Then I downloaded LunchBox, because TT Toolbox does not work.
I use the Excel Write component.
I open Excel and my file where it will be saved is called “Folder1”.
I set the toogle to True, but nothing is transferred to the excel sheet.

  1. a new excel file opens permanently. It’s like a bug that opens and closes the window all the time.
  2. no data is written to the Excel worksheet.

I doubt it’s the simulation, since it gives me different data for different states in Rhino.

I have Excel installed and logged in there as well. It can’t be due to a user account either, so to speak.

I did the installation for LunchBox through Food4Rhino and that works fine.

When installing TT Toolbox everything seems to run despite installation steps.

I really hope that I could clarify the problem in more detail.


Thanks for clarifying, that’s much more helpful.

Since this now seems to be a problem about writing data to Excel, and has nothing to do with Honeybee, I suggest posting your question to the McNeel forum (or a dedicated Lunchbox forum/sub-forum if you can find it), since there’ll be more people there who will have dealt with this issue, and you’ll have a better chance of solving this quickly.

From my amateur perspective (I’ve never used Lunchbox tools and too lazy to do it now and test my assumptions) I did notice some potential errors in your script.

  • Improper Headings input: I think when you input a tree of data to the Data input, the Headings should be a list of values corresponding to each branch. Right now you only have one heading. Did the excel file writer for your sensor coordinates (bottom-most component in image below) successfully write to your Excel sheet? That’s what the message seems to imply, and would validate my suspicion since you have one “branch” of data and one heading in that case.

  • Path input isn’t absolute. Have you tried using your full absolute path, i.e “C:\Users\Me\Study\da_results”. Also make sure you don’t have any exotic characters in your path like punctuation, spaces or accents.

Thank you for the quick and detailed reply.

  1. none of the sensor coordinates were transferred to an excel sheet.

  2. I change the path and the worksheet. In path i use: C:\Users\Svenja\Desktop\Elli\Excel but in the order isn’t a file. And in worksheet the Mappe1. It’s the name of the excelmap. Is it possible to have more over one heading?

If i did step 2, i have another error:

"System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt bei LunchBox.WF_ExcelWriteNew.SolveInstance (IGH_DataAccess DA)

Solve this problem first before trying to debug the more complicated case.

Make sure to set up a separate GH file to test just the Excel writing workflow. If Lunchbox provides a sample file or even a screenshot showing a working example, use that. Once you’ve solved that, iterate complexity until you can get the Honeybee DA results working.

Hi -

I think you’ve got it pretty much covered.

Other than that, there are no native Grasshopper components for interaction with Excel and debugging the connection between two 3rd party plug-ins will quickly become difficult. I’m not sure why streaming to a text file (txt or csv) isn’t an option here…

That said, I’ve heard good things about the NPOI plug-in for Excel interop but I don’t have much experience with any of those tools.

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