Expanded metal mesh shading

Hello everyone,

Has anyone run the daylighting and thermal simulation for expanded metal mesh?

What I am using for my current project is called “Okalux” which looks like this. As you can see, it has a 3d shape which can function as shading devices - not like a flat punching metal panel.

Basically what I would like to try is to check the DF/Illuminance and the solar gain before/after installing the expanded metal (there are several iterations), so I could use the output to optimize the density of the metal mesh.

I am wondering if Ladybug+honeybee can support daylighting analysis using this components and also thermal analysis to check the solar gain.

If anyone can give any instruction or advice, that would be very much appreciated! I am attaching the product brochure for your information: i_okatech_e.pdf

Look forward to hearing from you all!



Hi So,

I would imagine that HB can handle any geometry Rhino feeds to it. It would only depends on the file tolerance which in this case I would suggest is quite low.

The best way to do this would be to model very accurately the sheet and then run a very simple simulation of one room geometry.

In this case I would suggest the smallest possible grid and the highest possible quality settings (both in the sky resolution and radiance options, especially bounces).

You can find daylight examples on this blog simply follow their logic (after you make sure to update the components in their new version).

Another option would be to use window 7.3 to model the sheet (looks a bit like perforated). I don’t think it has it in its templates but it could worth a try looking in it. Maybe in the least you have a benchmark to compare. Window can give you an X ml bdsf file which you can input in HB.


I second Theodore’s comments. Yes Honeybee can do that but you need to set the parameters very high. In cases like this using the BSDF file is the best approach.

Hello, I am Dimitrios. I’m a student in architecture trying to model this as a fine mesh expanded metal panel that gives the outer skin a very different appearance depending on the light situation. Very similar to this building. It looks like what you have modeled I was wondering if you would be able to share any insight in modeling what you have made? If you could share the model as well that would be great too. Thank you for your help.

poolima | Glass Kramer Löbbert - MRT Gebäude, Berlin Buch: