Export from Rhino to Envimet

Good evening everyone!
I was trying to export my model created on Rhino, to Envimet. I am following this tutorial Expert Lesson: Rhino 3-D/Dragonfly Plug-in, Part 02 - YouTube, but, as you can also see from the attached photo, all the settings necessary for export to Envimet are missing. I used Ladybug Tools version 1.4.0 2022-01-11, but also with the Ladybug Tools 1.5.0 update 2022-06-21 does not change the situation.
Would anyone be able to kindly tell me if it is a problem related to the version of the plugin or if it can be solved somehow?
Thank you so much if anyone can help me!


Hi @Martina.G Maybe you need dragonfly legacy version to do this.

Thank you very much!