Export of result


I am new to Ladybug and Honeybee. I would like to know

  1. if it is possible to export the numerical simulation results to excel format.
  2. set the window to wall ratio by using a function of Honeybee so that the windows can be generated automatically. (from floor 1 onwards, exclude ground floor)



Hi @Ivanita,

  1. You can use Bumblebee to export data to excel from Ladybug and Honeybee component. Most components output results as a list. That can be exported to excel using components of a plugin such as Bumblebee.
  2. You can use Honeybee_Glazing Based on Ratio component to do that.

What @devang said!

I just wanted to add if you’re running radiation for indoor then use Honeybee and not Ladybug for Radiation analysis.

Thanks much for @devang and @mostapha. I haven’t finished the algorithm yet but seems that it works. May I ask if it is possible to create an automatic naming system for the output files, e.g. the name of the file is controlled by a number slider?

Yes. See this example.