Export result from dragon fly

Hello I watched this video (# Dragonfly : Modeling Urban Heat Island with the UWG) and was very useful really thanks so much but please I want to export the dry bulb temperature in excel and write an IDF file could you please help me?

I don’t know what you mean by “write an IDF file” but you can always take the EPW file that the UWG produces, import it with the LB Import EPW component, and write the data you want to a CSV file using the LB Dump Data component.

Also note that EPW files are really just CSV files following a specific schema. So you could also just import the EPW into excel and extract the data that way.

Thanks so much, Professor Chris, for your reply. First, let me thank you for all your videos and tutorials. You could not imagine how your (video# Dragonfly: Modeling Urban Heat Island with the UWG) was useful to me; I followed your steps and did a simulation, but I do not know how I could visualize the results by excel or IDF file.
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You’re welcome! I would recommend watching the other two tutorial series that we have on energy modeling before getting to the dragonfly videos:

Those other energy modeling videos will show you plenty of different ways to view the results.

And I appreciate the honorary title of “professor” but I can’t say that I am one. Just “Chris” is good enough!

Thanks a lot and I really appreciate your help and I almost done with your useful videos

Thanks a lot so far, please I have a question I followed your steps to calculate UTCI outdoor, but I have an issue. I want to know how to measure surface temperature.