Export to Open Studio with laidybug_FLY not launching E+

Testing my basic box for parametric studies I found when I input the ladybug_FLY component to run simulation input for HB_export to Open Studio only creates osm files and doesnt launch the analysys (2 iterations in my case). The same for Run energy simulation with Energy Plus component with the diference that it creates idf files (no analysis launched).
When I just set a true boolean to the run simulation input the thing goes well and E+ is launched and the results generated.
Any idea? Maybe I using the wrong component to automate sliders?

I was connecting the ladybug_FLY component to the run simulation input. I just the variable AND to get true/false values and then connected to the export to open studio component… and voila.
I hope this could be usefull to newbies like me.

Acoording to your description, your best choice is TT toolbox 's Colibri compotent.