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I was trying to simulate a model with a VAV w/ PFP boxes HVAC system but it doesn’t work anymore. The simulation worked a few times and when I tried to run again the next day, this message showed 1. Solution exception:global name ‘self’ is not defined. I tried to run other HVAC types, but only the heating component was generating results. Now, when I tried to run again, the simulation runs but no results regarding the HVAC system are generated. Can someone help me?

Please share a simplified version of your gh file with necessary geometries internalized. From what you shared, it seems like some Honeybee Class is not being loaded right.

@devang The File 1 is the version created on the HB-Legacy, that gives me this error “1. Solution exception:global name ‘self’ is not defined”. The File 2 is the version created with the HB version from Ladybug Tools 1.1.0, and gives me this error message"1. Solution exception:undefined method `name’ for nil:NilClass".

File1_HoneybeeLegacy.gh (889.7 KB) File2_Honeybee+.gh (252.0 KB)

I’m sorry, @MarioAlves , but that LBT file you shared (File2) is definitely not simple. It also seems to lacks the geometry needed to simulate it since you have a bunch of nils going into your Model component instead of Room objects. Please upload the minimum that is needed to recreate the error.

@chris, I checked my model again and found out that the component “HB Plenum” was responsible for the error, when I unplugged the room created by this component, the simulation worked just fine. One other thing, I didn’t find the component “Internal Mass”, doesn’t Ladybug Tools 1.1.0 has this component?

Thank you, @MarioAlves . That’s exactly what I needed to know. I will look into this later today and I will probably push a fix. There is no “Internal Mass” component yet in 1.1.0 but we will be adding it soon.

Thanks again, @MarioAlves. verified that is it indeed a bug and I just merged a fix:

You should be able to et it on your end with the Versioner component in another hour or so.