Export to Openstudio fail to load simulation data


It sounds like a lot of your components are old (as well as your version of OpenStudio). Sync your components with the github (using the Update Honeybee component) and you will find that CSV schedules work in the latest version of the Export to OpenStudio component.


Thank you so much for your reply. I have “Update Honeybee” component in my model and its toggle is always True.
-I got you advice and update it again. But the problem did not solve.
-I replaced all the previous Honeybee components with the new ones. But the problem was there!!!
-Then, I used another component to create the CSV files. Previously, “Honeybee Create CSV Schedule” was used. I replaced this component with “Honeybee Annual Schedule”,but the problem remained.
(the interesting Part was that Energyplus could run my model perfectly but Openstudio could not!)

  • I disconnectd setpoints schedules from “Honeybee Set Energyplus Schedules” component and used another component (Honeybee Set Energyplus Zone Threshold) for assigning setpoints. By this new component, I cannot use my desirable setpoints but it is OK since the new component just get fixed setpoints. Fortunately the problem has been Solved !!!
    I do not know why OpenStudio had problem with "Honeybee Set Energyplus Schedules"and could not read the created CSV file.
    Anyway, that problem is solved, But I encounter another problem. The results of the analysis through Energyplus are different with Openstudio. (I used IdealLoadAirSystem for testing the model).
    I do not know what is wrong??? And Which one is more reliable.

Thank you very much in advance. I appreciate your attention and advice.