Exporting Honeybee meshes and results

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My question is kind of weird but maybe you know how to address it.

I am trying to prepare presentations for my results of Honeybee simulations.

I noticed that Sketchup layout is a kind of interactive form of representation where you can add a drawing and change the position, rotate, etc. on a page. It is very handful for a quick presentation.

I was wondering whether there is a way to export Honeybee (or Dragonfly and Ladybug) results as of interactive image or like a drawing to be ready to be employed in the Sketchup layout.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @behnammmohseni there are means to create a portable interactive viewer html, if you know a little python. here is the package honeybee-vtk

from honeybee.model import Model
import honeybee_vtk
import honeybee_vtk.model

hbmodel = Model.from_file('model.hbjson')

model_vtk = honeybee_vtk.model.Model.from_hbjson(
        hbmodel.to_hbjson('.', '.', 3))


here the file for the example above:
html_model.zip (745.7 KB)

I hope that helps

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Fantastic @TrevorFedyna
Thanks a myriad:)

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