Exporting multiple outputs to Excel while running Octopus

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I’ll be using Octopus (MOO) to calculate multiple configurations, is there anyway I can export the results to ONE Excel sheet, I have multiple outputs for each configurations that need to be exported such as Annual DA values, Annual MRT, Annual cooling and heating loads,… etc .

I’ve used Excel write component from TT toolbox in the past, it has a component called Galapagos listener that can export genomes and fitness values in one Excel sheet, however in this case I need to export many outputs not just the fitness and the genomes values, any ideas?



Maybe you should look at http://www.grasshopper3d.com/video/pollination-for-honeybee


Abraham,Thanks again, I should credit some of my work to you :slight_smile: .

I took a look at the the Pollination tool and I have to admit it is awesome. I ran Octopus since last night and I connected 12 lists of data that I wanted to export to the pollination component as a data tree with branches. additionally I connected the file name to a slider, so I can keep each configuration to a separate file. Pollination created .csv files, the files have 12 different data separated by comma, however,pollination recorded the first value in the list, for example I have an hourly list of mean radiant temp. that list has over 8000 values, in the .csv I get one value from this list, I’m guessing it is the first value in the list. Another example, I have a daylighting autonomy list that has about 300 values (the grid nodes values) and again in the .csv file I see only one value. Is it supposed to be this way?

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Hi Rania,

I use Excel Write component from Lunchbox (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/lunchbox). Use the recorder component to record all the values you require and then after the MOO is complete, export it into Excel using that component. It has a limitation of 5 inputs, you can use multiples of it and export to several sheets and simply copy all the values into one sheet OR determine which column number to start at for each set you export and export them all into one sheet.



Hi Rania,

Hope you fixed your exporting problem. I working on my thesis am struggling with a similar problem trying to optimize WWR for multiple objectives using Octopus.I must admit I am a beginner and I find hard times connecting the dots to optimize.Can you give me some hints?A screenshot or Gh how you connected the geometry with genomes so they will change, and objectives with results from HB and LB?


Your help will be very useful and appriciated

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Hi Nite, This is an old video but should be a good source to get you started:

I apologize I’ve been busy lately I couldn’t reply to your messages.

Yassin, thanks for your help, I used lunchbox and it worked great with my Octopus runs.

Nite, I used the same video Mostapha posted to figure out what to connect to Octoups. Good luck.

Thanks Mostapha.I came across it but found it a bit hard to follow.Will check ti better now.

Thanks Rania…

Do I also have to edit data, or adjust settings when the pareto front window opens?

Please forgive my simple questions…Any help is appreciated.



Hi Mostapha,

I checked your video and have a few questions.I followed the same way of combining the objectives at the end(see image) for total radiation for cooling and heating period.The variable was the glazing percentage of an external wall of one room.

I got a huge number for objectives and the simulation run almost 9 hours through the night and at the end(when I stopped it)there where no results to export.Except of the screenshots I made.I read the octopus manual and tried to understand from the forum discussions on how and what to select but still it seems to have lots of errors.

  • I also wanted to ask you if the generations can be repetead and visualized as in the third part of your video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYw7KexxThM ) without using matlab?only inside the gh canvas with LB HB and Octopus?

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WWR_Octopus.gh (1.37 MB)

TT Toolbox has a write to Excel component that does not have a limitation of the number of inputs (that I know of). I am using it together with the ‘Entwine’ component and have thus far been able to write 32 columns per sheet. It is very effective when documenting multiple simulation scenarios.

Hi Örn,

Thank you for your input.I also started usin octopus to optimize Window to Wall ratio and I feel lost when I open the solver window, I read some papers and principle about MOO bu still I need some help.

  • Are you using Octopus component or Octopuse?

  • When using a SPEA based on what do you decide about the number of generations and elite?

  • I put all the values into one number and I got a very big objective of circa 40.000 and the simulation run all night, with no results at the export file.

Do you have time to check my definition?I have posted it on Mostapha’s comment below.

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