Exporting Shade States from EnergyPlus simulation to Radiance


I would like to run multiple analysis of shading systems in energyplus and get an export of the shade states based on the control type and threshold to model the same in Radiance. What type of Result Component should I use for the same?
Test10.gh (305.4 KB)

Hello Pranay_95, you could try to ask Energy+ for this output variable : “Surface Shading Device Is On Time Fraction”. You do that the same way you have already done for other custom outputs. You will get for each aperture a shading schedule (maybe you can convert fraction to integer to get ON-OFF schedule), that you can use then for other purpose.
Hope it helps !

Hello @Aymeric !

Thank you for your response, but im not sure I understand what you mean by this. Is there a result output that must be taken?

Yes exactly, you must add the following result output to Energy Simulation >

Output:Variable,*,Surface Shading Device Is On Time Fraction,Hourly;

You can plug this text into the “add_str” input of the “HB model to OSM” component.


Thank you @Aymeric !
This works well. I should better read more into EnergyPlus manual,
There is so much possible within it!