Exposed interior ceiling to direct sunlight, not recognizing changes to it's absortancy or exposed area

Hi all! I’m making a honeybee model to assess the impact of adding a ventilated unoccupied upper zone directly above a occupied room zone. This upper zone does not extend to all the area of the occupied room bellow, as you can see in the image. Solving the adjacencies of both zones creates a interior ceiling (in blue) that is exposed to direct solar radiation, but when i change it’s absortancy, the results does not change. When I increase the the extension (or area) of the upper zone (thus decreasing the exposed ceiling), the results of the mean operative temperature of the occupied room increases (but only slightly), wich to my understanding this should not be expected, since the larger the upper zone the larger would be the overall effect of it’s insulation. Maybe the program is not recognizing the effect of the direct solar radiation falling into the ceiling. I tested this model using both “full exterior” and “full interior and exterior” on the solar distribution option of the Energy Simulation Parameters. If anyone would like to help me understand or solve this, I thank you very much! I tried attatching the grasshopper file but couldn’t (for being a new member), if anyone would want to see the file, I can send it to you.

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