External Walls as Internal Walls HB+LB

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to do energy modeling of a typical room considering an office building. So, i built the room only (as surfaces) as a part of the building, considering the front wall is an external wall and the rest of the walls are internal walls (side walls and back wall), that goes also for the floor and roof.

But now when i’m assigning all the surfaces as HBsurfaces by default HB seems like considering it as external walls cause there is no attached walls or zones. and i cannot pull out interior walls from “HB decompose base on type” any suggestion how to solve this issue ?

appreciate your help

You can set the boundary conditions (EPBC input) as Adiabatic in the HB_createHBSrfs.


Abraham’s suggestion should work. If you have a small space that might led in higher cooling values and lower heating values in you room. One alternate solution is to create a dummy zone around your room and solve the adjacency between them.

Abraham, Mostapha

Thanks guys setting EPBC to Adiabatic worked!!

but one question though, by using Adiabatic properties for the side walls and floors, the front wall (window wall) the only surface which i will be effected for solar heat gain and so on right ?, but what about light bounce for internal lighting it will ignore it too?

  1. You should not set the wall with a window to adiabatic. It will crash EnergyPlus. I think Honeybee does remove adiabatic from surfaces with windows automatically.

  2. It won’t effect the solr gains. Check EnergyPlus Adiabatic Walls definition here: http://bigladdersoftware.com/epx/docs/8-2/engineering-reference/adi…


thanks for your instant replays, for adiabatic properties i want to assign it only for the side walls and floors not for the front window wall as internal mass objects as per the definition which you provided.

Hi Mostapha, how can i do “to create a dummy zone around your room and solve the adjacency between them”?

I’m trying to build two zones with two attached surfaces but is not correct

and i’m trying to build two zones with the same surface but is not correct.

I can’t use adiabatic surface because in this wall there is a door, and in open studio if I set adiabatic wall, it take off the door from the wall.

thank you very much and sorry for my english

Have you tried the solveAdjacency component? It is your friend for these cases.


No, I’m trying now and it is my best friend :).

Thank you very mutch, you are the number one!!

Hello people.
When I use the component createHBZones whit an internal wall whit adiabatic EPBC, the output it’s an open brep. Is this normal or there is a problem in my geometry in Rhino?. If the problem is in Rhino geometry how do I check that all surfaces are well joined, whit out join command in Rhino?.
Sorry about my english.
Geometry.3dm (893.2 KB)
Geometry.gh (531.0 KB)