Extract temperature values from PMV

Hi all, I would like to extract the temperature values from PMV simulation to compare them with the data temperature that I registered with a RaspBerry. The way I used to extract is this, as you can see in the picture, but is there another, maybe, more simply way? I think it’s correct, maybe not. Opinions?

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Hi @Rhynoxas ,

It’s not the most efficient but your method definitely works.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to work with the data, you can work directly with the CSV files in the temperature or op_temp folder output of the recipe. Each row of those CSV files is a sensor point and each column is an hour of your run_period.

OR you can load those temperature results into Grasshopper and then deconstruct the Comfort Matrix object using the LB Deconstruct Matrix component. That will give you all of the temperature values as a Data Tree of numbers.

Hi @chris , I recreate the question in the attached file with a small improvement. Maybe it could be useful adding it in the sample files of LBT to show how extract this kind of data. :slight_smile:

Extract Temperature.gh (316.7 KB)

Hey @Rhynoxas

I don’t have any of the CSV files that you’re loading in your .gh file there but just plug the output of the comf_mtx into the LB Deconstruct Matrix component and you’ll see what I mean.

Yes I know @chris , in fact the file recreates just a sample to extract an average of temperature or condition datas without to search it in the CSV files. Simply connect an already simulated energy model in *.hbjson format (PMV, ADP or UTCI) and extract the data according to a set period, of course. This is why I was saying that perhaps it could be inserted in the LBT example files.

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