Extrude border shades

Hi @Chris,

I am having a problem/issue/whish regarding the extrude border shades.

  1. I have several apertures with different border shade depth. I would like to add these values to the individual apertures. But when I see the result only one value is used for the whole model.

Probably this component is ment to be used after the add subface and we can vary this depth only by room.

  1. Indoor-outdoor seemed to be mixed up. This is logicaly explainable because I used the border shade befor the solve adjacencies.

It would be nice being able to add these values by window an not by room.

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

You should read the component description, which clarifies how a list of _depth values are interpreted:

I didn’t have it like this originally but I remember I implemented it after a couple of people asked for the ability to easily assign different depths by orientation.

In any event, if you just graft the _hb_objs input and graft the _depth input, this will allow you to apply a single depth for each aperture like you have in your screenshot.

Also, if you want the direction of indoor_ to be correct before you have added the Apertures to Rooms, you just need to make sure that the normal direction of your input aperture geometries is pointing outwards from the Room volume when you create them. You can use the Rhino Dir command to check the direction of your input aperture geometries.

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