Face Attribute to see construction applied

Hi @chris or other,

I normally use the label surfaces component in legacy honeybee to double check that the correct constructions have been applied to the zones quickly. It was one of the best features of honeybee in my opinion when I first came across from using EnergyPlus.

However in HB+, I can’t see the option to do this with the face attributes… Can you please point me to the best means to visualise this, or add it to the face attribute feature?


@ElzineBraasch ,
This functionality is absolutely supported. There are labeling components under the 1 :: Visualize tab and the HB-Energy 0 :: Basic Properties tab has a list of face attributes and room attributes for energy modeling.

FYI, you can also now color objects by their attribute like so:

The coloring by attribute is particularly helpful for larger models.

Hi Chris,

That’s brilliant!! Thanks for pointing these out :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

There doesn’t seem a way to check the boundary conditions applied to the surfaces any more. Is this correct, or am I missing something?

You can look for the LBT_ColorFaceAttr and FaceAttr components for that. They are located on the HB tab:


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