Fail to create geometry

When I import the file from idf, I got the error said “failed to create geometry”, how could I solve it? Does it works when I switch the idf version or not? And I tried different versions, it was the same error showing there… Also, the window was not punched correctly into the wall, I was wondering what could happened, and some windows were punched into the wall and some were not…Could anyone help please?file1.3dm (226.9 KB) (780.9 KB) Office_Buffalo.idf (494.3 KB)

@mostapha @chris Anyone could help me with that? Thanks

Hi @David1,

I did look at the file. However, I would recommend that you simply the file by keeping only relevant components. The file also wants us to install other plugin. (639.2 KB)

@devang Thanks for your help, this is the simplified one, could you help me to check this one? Or would it be possible for checking the geometry for each zones, especially the exterior walls, that you will see one missing hole on the wall which are supposed to be three, or there isn’t any for other zones.