Fail to output solar envelope

Hello everyone!

I am new to Ladybug and trying to use it to get the solar envelope. I followed the example file however I end up like this.

Could someone help?


K (408 KB)


You’re providing sunAltitudes instead of sunVectors

Hi i m also new to this, did u manage to get it to work?

sorry i m not here to solve problem perhaps i bring more problem. I tried your file, but i updated the version using 0.64 which is the newest version but popup message asked to use new version of LB, but i cant get newer than this. can I get some help please.

here are 2 files i m having trouble with

170521 (416 KB)
170521 (817 KB)

All of your files are missing the geometry. Please internalize.

Kang: The second file is a mess with such amount of importEPW and sunPath components inserted and chained.


i’ll looking to it, thx

hi Guys.

i had a go with very simple surrounding and it kind of worked, but once i tested with a project the result seems wrong cas my max height is at 450M and the “Separate by Normal” had issue. there should be a result of 2 srfs with solar envelope & collection.


170522 (431 KB)

attachemnt 3dm

170517 UNIT 2.rar (581 KB)

The rhino file is not recognized. Try to internalise the geometry.


Hi A

thanks for helping, I realize that inserting context volume it will not recognize polysurface but its fine with box extrusions. so the problems are 1st; if context massing needs to be more exact then the component fail to read. 2nd; not all the context requires max solar hours. for example requirement for commercial is low, for residential would be 3 hr during winters. so instead i used solar hours analysis in LB to simulate a Massing from rhino to do the task for now. but if these can combined than it should able to simulate Max of air right envelope.