Fail to read Radiance result for visualisation

Hi everyone,

I am dealing with an issue using honeybee and Radiance. I have successfully run daylight simulation (grid based analysis) but found error when reading the radiance result (using ‘ReadRadResult’). There are 6 figures attached that you can see.

Looks like this is related to ‘AnalysisRecipe’ where I input skyfile based on epw file (GridBasedSimulation). This generates 3 file outputs for analysis recipe and it leads the simulation to produce the number of data exceeding the number of grid cells (three times of gridcells). I found no error when applying DFSimulation for the analysis recipe because it generates only one skypath output (see figure 2)

Actually, I have solved this issue by using item selector to chose one of three outputs produced by ‘genClimateBasedSky’. It works! (see figure 3) But, when I changed to another output of skypath, the results changed by about 20-200 lux (I just noticed some values in panel). This led me to throw this issue in the forum: which skypath is trustable that I can choose? and or whether myworkflow in grasshopper is not correct? (looks like it’s better to use honeybeeplus but I haven’t explored it yet)
Also, the illuminance value produced in my model is too big (see figure 5). Please give me some explanation about this…


Here is I attached my gh file

Latihan 2 radiance daylight factor (847.7 KB)

@sunarywend Your grasshooper file maybe have some bug. It opened epw file 5-6 times and ran radiance 2 times.And it gave me some warning as below.
After ran your grasshooper file,I found a easy bug.It is about the north sign. You set 3 item to climate-base sky, so it generated 3 sky. And ran 3 times for 3 result files.You just need to set 61 to north directly, then your model will be run normally.

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Thanks for your solution. It works!

My grasshopper opens epw file several times because I put three ‘input weatherfile’ objects there. Some of them are applied for EnergyPlus simulation input. In the file you see, I try to integrate input simulation for EnergyPlus and Radiance in one file.

Related to the material, my grasshoper didn’t give me those warnings as you attached.