Fail to run butterfly when trying to run outdoor simulation with buoyant force

Hi, everyone!

Please help me with my issue here. I am trying to run outdoorsimulation with buoyant effect, what I did was to asign temperature to every surface of my geometry, which temperature I was planning to get by running Honeybee Surface outter Temperature.
I have been trying to take buoyant effect into account by simply connecting heatTransferReceipe component to Solution, but solution failed to run with the following error message:

and the Plot Residual component had returned error:
1. Solution exception:Failed to load residual fields. Read the warnings above for more details.

The same file seems to run fine with steadyIncompressibleRecipe instead ofheatTransferRecipe, here is my .gh file. (481.9 KB)

Please tell what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!