Failed to find in library

Hi comunity!

I’m new here and I’ve got some trouble using Honeybee to create an idf Energy Plus file.

In particular after I’ve set all the materials and all the Epconstruction, write them on the EPlibrary, createHBSrfs and finally create the thermal zone with comand createHBZones, when I try to write the idf file with runEnergySimulation during the execution of the program some errors occurs:

****I don’t know why honybee doesn’t find the library that I’ve previously upgraded with my material.

I attach my Rhinocerons file with the geometry and the Grasshoper file that i’ve created.




Please make sure there are no unnecessary spaces in the text panels. This was changing the way materials are being written in Honeybee.

In the .gh file, please open Screed_41cm in both the cases and observe the cursor to see the difference. This was causing the key error.

-Devang (568 KB)

Ok, now all works, thank you for your fast and accurate answer!!