Failed to import lbt_recipes: No module named lbt_recipes.version

I am new to Honeybee and when I try to run the HB Model to OSM component it gives me this error:

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import lbt_recipes:
    No module named lbt_recipes.version

I’ve already tried to run the Sync Grasshopper File but it didn’t worked.

Does someone know how to fix it? I’ll be really grateful since I have to run some simulations for my bachelor degree project!

Thank you very much!

Can you please replace lbt_recipes folder at “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages” if it exists with extracted folder from this (254.2 KB)?

If lbt_recipes doesn’t exist at the above path then simply paste the extracted folder there.

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Thanks! Actually the folder site-packages was not there… On the other hand I still have an issue, when I want to run a simulation like HB Annual Light it gives me an error saying that the recipe is not installed, do you have any idea why?

Thank’s a lot!

My file path is now: "C:\USER\ladybug_tools\python\lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\ * "

Hi Devang
I have a mac and I also have this problem, but with HB Annual Daylight.
Can I download the folder to resolve the problem too? or do I need a specific one for mac?

Hi @Autopoiesis_101, this is a different issue than the one above. Search the forum for issues with importing packages.

@Autopoiesis_101 ,
Your issue there was the result of s bug in the 1.2.0 installer for Mac. See the solution here:

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Thank you so much, Chris! The problem is solved

Chris, I was able to fix the problem, but now another occurs, I downloaded version 1.2.0 from and this problem occurs with the file (annual_daylight) that is in samples. I already ran “LB Versioner” too.

You were supposed to run the Versioner with 1.2.0 plugged into the component. Since you didn’t plug this in for the version_, now you have the latest development version of the plugin installed.

You should just rerun the from Food4Rhino.

Or you can keep using the development version but you’ll have to use the “LB Sync Grasshopper File” to sync the version of the components on your canvas with the version of components that you have installed.