Failed to load results from an empty file

I am trying to run Honeybee. I am using the sample )) point_int_time_gridbased script with the honeybee_test_room.rvt file. I installed the Radiance from github, downloaded a epw weather file. and set run on the Run Radiance Analysis node to true. The error.txt file in the output directory has the following error
“rtrace: system - cannot find function file “”: Invalid argument”

I assume that error is Causing the dynamo_sample_file.ill to fail to be generated. Causing the Output of the Run Radiance Analysis Node to be null. What am I missing in this process to get Honeybee to run properly?

And this is the content of the error.txt file

*** PID 12688: rtrace -lw 0.05 -dc 0.25 -h -ar 16 -ss 0.0 -dp 64 -ab 2 -dt 0.5 -dr 0 -as 128 -ds 0.5 -e error.txt -aa 0.25 -lr 4 -ad 512 -dj 0.0 -st 0.85 dynamo_sample_files.oct

rtrace: system - cannot find function file “”: Invalid argument

This is happening because Radiance cannot find file and the reason for that is most of the time installing Radiance under C:\Program Files\Radiance instead of C:\Radiance. That white space between Program and Files is not appreciate by Radiance.

Thanks. Uninstalling and re-installing to that location fixed it.