Failed to load THERM settings file

I have downloaded the newest version of honeybee and ladybug, all of the required tools such as daysim, etc and the correct version of therm. Yet i am still getting an error which reads:

  1. Failed to load THERM settings file.
    You won’t be able to run THERM simulations.

Furthermore, when trying to run daylight analysis it used to work even with the therm error but now reads the error:

  1. Solution exception:Failed to read the results!


If I’m right, I don’t think THERM will be used for daylight analysis.

Perhaps the cause is something else.
For daylight analysis, the software used are Radiance and Daysim.

By the way, the latest version should do daylight analysis with Radiance only.

Maybe not the clearest answer.

Youre right, Therm does not affect the daylight analysis. Everything works fine after i restarted my computer :slight_smile: