Failed to read "SimpleFoam.err"

Hi guys,

I have some problem with the CFD analyses in Butterfly.
Basically I can manage to run the analyses but then at some point, openfoam throw an error saying that it can not read a file.
Any idea?
attach picture below

Error : Fail to read simpleFoam.log

Hi there,
I have the same problem but my simulation doesnt get so far, just until time 20

I’m trying to run a outdoor simulation based on the exemple file with my own geometry. Blockmesh and Snappyhexmesh worked ok, i checked the mesh in Paraview. But when I run the solution, I get the following error :

Solution exception:Failed to parse C:\Users…\log\simpleFoam.log:
[Errno 2] Could not find file ‘C:\Users…\log\simpleFoam.log’.: C:\Users…\log\simpleFoam.log

I have bluecfd installed, and i ran the simulation on multiple CPUs, it just went until 20 and then gave me this error in the residuals plots report. I installed and running everyting on a bootcamp windows.

Any ideas? thank you very much.

Hi @bgabriela – Have you tried running it without multiple CPUs? Disabling DecomposeParaDict allowed me to generate a simulation. You can see the beginnings of a result on Paraview after time = 100, so see if that works and check Paraview after time = 100.

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Hi everyone @MarcoPellegrino @bgabriela @suelikescats . Has anyone found the solution?? I also experienced the same error message, even though I only run it in single processor. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hello everyone @MarcoPellegrino @bgabriela @suelikescats @astrianin . Any update on what worked for you guys?

I also have this problem where Butterfly fails to read “SimpleFaom.err” file and fails to create a solution. Have tried running in single processor and made sure my BlueCFD Core is the right version (2017-1, also tried 2017-2 but to no avail). Attached below are my files for reference for anyone willing to help. Thank you.