Failed to serialize IB_HVACSystem

Hi @MingboPeng and @chris, I have a problem with the new component DetailedHVAC. When I assign the BaseboardWaterRadC to zone equipment, I get the error “1. Solution exception: Failed to serialize IB_HVACSystem; please report this to the developer!”. I’ll be thankful if you can check if there is a bug here.

Hi @ehsan.anvary

There was a bug here: Radiator using Ironbug not working - #2 by mingbo - Grasshopper Plugin - Pollination Discourse, but it is just fixed. Please update the Ironbug and let me know if you have any other issues.


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Thank you, yes I’ve updated Ironbug and now it works.

Still, there is the same problem with the SavieToFile Ironbug component. Could you please check it?

Hi @ehsan.anvary let me know if this is related to this issue: HW use equipment - #2 by MingboPeng


Yes, Thank you, this is related to that problem and has been solved.