Failed to write IDF file while running Energy Plus, Honeybee



Hello everyone,

I am assessing the energy performance of an apartment floor in a high-rise building. While running the energy plus simulation I encountered the following error: “Failed to write kitchen_1_0_Srf_5_glz_0 to idf file”. I suppose there is a problem with the glazing, because this error appears only for the zones for which glazing was assigned. I tried to change the glazing ratio, change the material… still got the same error. I would appreciate any sort of suggestion/help that you can give me.

The model that I put together in grasshopper is quite complex because I am dealing with a residential building, hence I have different functions like kitchen, bathroom, etc. which require different ventilation rates according to the building code. I attached the link to the files in case you want to take a look (size was too big). I tried to organize it as good as possible so you can follow the steps that I did. Thank you in advance for any sort of suggestion.



Nevermind, I figured out what the problem was. In case somebody encounters the same issue, make sure honeybee&ladybug are updated, load all custom EPMaterials and EPConstructions in the library and then just reinsert the Energy Plus Simulation component and run the simulation again.