False Color not generating an image


I’m struggling with the Honeybee_False Color component, see the attached definition. I’ve tried everything I know - updated ladybug and honeybee, checked to make sure falsecolor2 and evalglare are located under my c:/radiance/bin folder - and the component appears to be working and is not giving me any errors but is not producing an image in the file path location… Any ideas?

HDR_FalseColor.gh (482 KB)


We need you to upload the starting HDR image that is going into the component in order to be able to run your GH file correctly.

Everything looks like it should work in your file, though. Are you saying that the component is outputting a file path but you don’t see any falsecolor HDR image at that file path?

Also, it might be worth checking this example file that makes use of falsecolor:



Thanks! See attached HDR file. And yes, the component seems to be outputting a file path (if I hook up a panel), but there is no such file in that location, and I can’t seem to identify the issue…

Working fine at my end:

Not sure, but can be a memory problem? It took a few good seconds to get it done, so maybe you are running out of memory …?



I think I figured out that it was something in my file path location that was not reading properly. Once I dragged the image to my desktop and retried from that location it ran just fine. Thanks for the help!

My computer has same question with win10, but anthor computer with win7 works well.