Falsecolor does not work in Ladybug and Honeybee


I am trying to set up an example model and I notice that falsecolor rendering does not work even though the 3d rendeing is there but the false color lines do not show up. I was able to do the glare analysis. The only problem I have is to run falsecolor. I have attached the .gh model.

daylight_submit.gh (1.48 MB)

Do you have falsecolor2.exe in radiance\bin?

Yes, I do have Falsecolor2 and evalglare in c\radiance\bin

It works fine. You were connecting the image from the run daylight component to the image viewer instead of FalseColor. Also you should not adjust the exposure for a false color image. If you need to do so, do it before generating the false color.

Thanks for noticing my mistake. It works now.