Fan coil units + DOAS : readEPResult : Heating energy output: fuel energy or electric energy?

Hi everyone,

I am running an energy simulation with Open Studio. For the HVAC system I have selected option 11.: Fan Coil Units + DOAS.

Based on the type of HVAC system, the output for the heating loads will show the fuel energy or electric energy needed for each boiler/heating element.

Since I have only specified the type of HVAC system and the effectiveness of heat recovery, in which way i can verify which type of energy (fuel or electric) is reported in the heating output?

Thank you

Hi @Lucia_Delilah,

Have a look at ModelToIdf folder. In there you will find a document called “inTable.html”.
It will show you a lot of data.

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Hi Erik,

thank you! I found it.