Fan driven ventilation - python error

Hi all, hi @chris

I’ve encountered a problem using the setEPNatVent component when using it on the fan driven ventilation mode. It seems impossible to modify the input fanPressureRise. I get a python error displaying “1. Solution exception:‘float’ object is not subscriptable”

Which is weird because in the code it seems that the fan pressure rise input is treated the same as the fan efficiency which doesn’t cause any problems.


Do you have any idea what could be the problem ? There might be a problem somewhere in the code that is beyond my python knowledge (which is pretty limited). Or maybe it’s a problem on my machine but it would be weird since it seems to be a strictly python related problem…

Here’s a gh script using the component fan driven (503.0 KB)



It seems to be a minor bug. In the code the fanPressureRise refers to user input list but instead it is receiving a single panel item.
If you right-click on the input and change Item Access -> List Access then it should work.


Thanks a lot, I didn’t know anything about these settings on grasshopper.

It works now.