Fatal Error & Empty Result

Hi there,
Could you help me figuring out what happens with my script?
It said
1. Solution exception: ** Fatal ** Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.
Basically I want to know the surface temperature of indoor and outdoor condition of the sample room, with some experiment in materials properties
Any help would be appreciated

Surface Temperature.gh (110.5 KB)

Hello could someone help me?

I already read a thread, that have similar error with me here

They said I have to use compatible OpenStudio and LBT. However, I already install Openstudio 3.6.1 for LBT 1.6.0.
Also, I already make sure that the model unit in meters, there are no geometries near the edge, and use only LBT tools, not including the Legacy.

@chris or someone else, can you take a look? :persevere: :pray: thank you

You have 2 materials definitions with the same name (Plywood). Give each a different name and you’ll be set.


Ah its working now, thank you!
Now how about the empty result of face indoor temperature?
Is there something wrong with my script/model?

For that you need to use the HB_SimOutput component like so:



Thank you Abraham for being helpful! One last thing I want to make sure… can we get the data by grid like this? (sorry for the ugly figure :D)
grid for surface temperature

I try to assign the grid, but the result is still the same

Hi @yanayuliana, for energy simulations you get a result per face, so you need to set up your geometry so it has multiple surfaces. Grids have no impact on purely energy simulations.

I remember seeing other posts on the forum on how to achieve this.


Ricardo has asked a few questions on this in the past, this response from Massimiliano should help


I see, thank you so much! I owe this supportive community :grinning:

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