Fatal error Energy plus does not simulate

I’m trying to simulate various U values in windows in different facades, but it doesn’t run and shows fatal error even as the components are fine.

4.gh (212.6 KB)

Hi @Anyone

  1. you have to make window geometry somewhere

  2. you can sort windows based on direction afterwards.

windows by orientation.gh (247.9 KB)

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This is awesome! Thank you so much @Erikbeeren !

It stopped simulating daylight though (even though it’s exactly the same as before) shows absolute 0 or 1 in daylight simulation. How do I re-route it to work?
Also, I’d like to add shades to every direction (with something like this as ratios)

Sorry, I handled a bit to easy with HB workflows.
The workflow was not treated well in HB.
Windows where actualy not added.
Now it works.

windows by orientation.gh (249.6 KB)

Thank you so much! I also need to examine the shades on different facades and their impact on direct solar hours. How can I set that up on different facades and compute the hours?

The shades in your sketch you can just make by extruding the edges of the window. Just plain grasshopper.

Hi @Erikbeeren ,
I suggest this approach instead of the one in the file you attached. I believe is cleaner and efficient.


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Hi @AbrahamYezioro could you please share the set up so I ensure what the other components are connected to?

Here you go.
windows by orientation_AY.gh (285.9 KB)

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Thanks a ton! Just to be clear- should I not reconnect them back in the loop so the windows with the shades are simulated as a honeybee object?

I did some cleaning but this is a messy file.You should do this yourself to be sure everything is well connected and working.
windows by orientation_AY.gh (244.3 KB)

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