Fatal error in Energy Plus simulation

Hi everyone, I have a problem with simulation in energyplus. I created an .idf file with DesignBuilder to perform a simulation with EnergyPlus, no problem to generate the file, but the simulation with EnergyPlus doesn’t run and the program shows me this errors report:

************* Warning: Node connection errors not checked - most system input has not been read (see previous warning).
************* Fatal error - final processing. Program exited before simulations began. See previous error messages.
************* EnergyPlus Warmup Error Summary. During Warmup: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Sizing Error Summary. During Sizing: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Terminated - Fatal Error Detected. 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time = 00hr 00min 0.29sec

can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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It is maybe because of the names you have chosen for your materials, constructions, schedules, …

read this topic.

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See these guidelines.

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