Fenestration Surface Modeling

Hi, I am new to using Grasshopper and Honeybee for Energy Simulation.
Previously I used Open Studio as the geometry interface and run it through Energy Plus.
I wanted to make Glazing Surface specific to my building design, and I used AddHbGlz component. I made a window of 1.5 m x 3.2 m with space between the window and wall edge already to prevent error.
After the simulation was done, I opened the IDF file and noticed that the fenestration surface has been split into smaller surface of window with area of 0.1 m.
When I use Open Studio previously, I never encounter this kind of issue.
May I ask whether I made a mistake in the modelling process to have this kind of result, or is it a common workflow using Rhino and Honeybee?

I also noticed that the model takes longer to be calculated compared to defining fenestration surface with window-to-wall ratio, especially with the solar radiation.
My model location is in Bali, Indonesia.

Thank you