Few question regarding Annual Daylight Analysis / Honeybee +

  1. In “AnnualMeterics”, I want to change occ_sch 8AM to 8PM. How can I do this.

  2. Where can I get development version of LBT from?

  3. In “AnnualDaylight”, if I set multiple radiance_par_, I get error “1. Solution exception:Invalid result folder: C:\Users\XYZ\simulation\unnamed\Radiance\annual_daylight\metrics/da”. I tried to set aa/ad/ar, and each time get same error. The simulation work fine if I only set 1 parameters. Is there some specific format for multiple parameter. I am doing -ad 32 -ar 8 (in panel)

@cyber , attach a screen shot of the error/gh script so that we can have a better perspective.