Filter and select surfaces by area


I am preparing a model in Rhino and after exploding it there are many small surfaces I would like to delete. I want to select these surfaces by filtering all surfaces by the area smaller than x.
select surfaces by area less (73.7 KB)

Hi @Astaahl,
Kindly make sure to internalize relevant geometry before uploading the sample please. You can do something like this to filter surfaces by area. (11.6 KB)

Hi Devang!

I get to filter like you are suggesting but still I cannot select the geometries in Rhino…is there no grasshopper function for selecting them?

Don’t want to be rude but just wondering if this topic is not supposed to be on general Grasshopper forum?

You can do the following;

  1. Internalize all your geometry inside the first brep component.
  2. delete or hide geometry in rhino
  3. Connect the B output of the dispatch component to the surface component
  4. Bake the geometries inside the surface component to Rhino
    That way you’ll get rid of those small surfaces.
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Thank you. That solved my issue!