Filter HOY from analysis results based on occupancy

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I’m trying to obtain occupant comfort results for a defined period of the year (May-Sept), but also filtering results to only contain hours of occupation (in accordance with a defined schedule).

Is there a way to filter simulation results (in this case operative temp) to only return results under occupied conditions?

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@chris @mostapha are you able to shed any light on the reasons for the message below when using the analysis period? And whether there is a workaround to achieve filtering results for overnight hours?

@jwoodall ,

To answer both your original question and your new one, here’s what you should do if you need to define a custom type of occupancy period that isn’t easily described by an analysis period:

  1. Make a list of 8760 values that define the occupancy period (could be a bunch of 0’s and 1’s or something more detailed like a fractional occupancy schedule from Honeybee EnergyPlus components).
  2. Add a Ladybug header to this list of 8760 data using this component
  3. Connect your data to the same 3D chart (or any of the other visualization components for that matter) alongside the other data you want to observe.
  4. Use a conditional statement to get rid of the unoccupied hours.
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