Find all the gbXML errors and fix them with a click of a button

Hello Spider Network

The latest version of Spider gbXML Viewer ‘Maevia’ v0.17 includes a number of ‘fixers’. These are JavaScript scripts that identify issues and fix problems in gbXML files.

Maevia R12 and R14 can also help you find errors and fix them - one at a time. And these releases are always available if you like them.

But sometimes a gbXML file may have hundreds of issues and you would grow old fixing them just one by one. This new version obeys the command: “find all the errors and fix them with a click of a button”

Well, that is the intention anyway. The fixers all need testing and verifying on a number of real-world models.

Please do load one or more of your gbXML files into Maevia v0.17, open the ‘Fixer menu’ and click the ‘Run all checks’ button.

And then let us know how we can fix the fixers to fix better!