Find out failed doors as surfaces in HB Model

This error was reported after just running it. I guess it should be that the doors as well as the air walls don’t fit the surface well. But my door has been checked by the HB Door, it is gray not red, so I’m not quite sure what the problem is.

  1. how can I find the object that corresponds to the issue and modify it? Is there any selection tools like use the door_numbers to find it?
  2. is the AJD_Door here means Air boundaries? because I drawed doors and air walls, if it is not doors may be the vertical air boundaries.

@Zhao Hi
You can use this process to help you filter out any object with a specific name. But a better approach is to use the HB Faces By Type component to filter all the objects you need to query.

I think ADJ_Door refers to the Interior Door that has been solved Adjacency, which usually appears on the Face between rooms. You can verify my hypothesis by testing it.

good luck

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