Finer TimeSteps Do Not Work in HB+

Dear Community,

I have a problem regarding using finer timesteps when I use HB+

I am trying to use 3 timesteps for daylighting calculations, while it seems there is still a problem for reading the results file; there were many similar reported issues on this matter and I have checked them all, and what @mostapha recommended. I have installed the latest verison of Radiance (5.1 or 5.2) in the C:/Radiance, and every time I removed the previous results folder, but still I get the same error.

I also paused the batch file that HB generated but I couldnt find any clue why this happens.

It works fine when I do the simulation for the whole year without any timesteps (on hourly basis) or for a single hour, but when I use finer timesteps (3 in my case) I get the error.


It seems HB+ still cannot analyze finer timesteps smaller than one hour for annual simulations

Yes. This is a limitation of the current implementation. Mainly because of the results visualization and post processing.


Is this limitation still the case or in the newer versions one can use lower timesteps? I am planning to use HB + for a 10 min time step and am getting an error too. Is there a workaround this?


There is actually a workaround I used for my research last year. You need to manually create the .wea in finer time steps and load the direct and diffuse solar radiation manually for each time step and simulate the PIT through HB Legacy which takes the DC method, not HB+, and do the post-processing manually at the end through customized algorithms.

Or you could just use the latest LBT 1.4 plugin. The HB Annual Irradiance recipe over there is perfectly capable of handling Wea’s at finer timesteps. If you need sub-hourly illuminance instead of broadband solar irradiance, I’m willing to add a tweak to the recipe that will support this if you ask for it here: