Finer TimeSteps Do Not Work in HB+

Dear Community,

I have a problem regarding using finer timesteps when I use HB+

I am trying to use 3 timesteps for daylighting calculations, while it seems there is still a problem for reading the results file; there were many similar reported issues on this matter and I have checked them all, and what @mostapha recommended. I have installed the latest verison of Radiance (5.1 or 5.2) in the C:/Radiance, and every time I removed the previous results folder, but still I get the same error.

I also paused the batch file that HB generated but I couldnt find any clue why this happens.

It works fine when I do the simulation for the whole year without any timesteps (on hourly basis) or for a single hour, but when I use finer timesteps (3 in my case) I get the error.


It seems HB+ still cannot analyze finer timesteps smaller than one hour for annual simulations

Yes. This is a limitation of the current implementation. Mainly because of the results visualization and post processing.