Fins optimization study

Hi Mostapha,

Greetings from India for an amazing developments on ladybug and honeybee,

basically i’m trying to optimize the fins on the surface to reduce the radiation levels on the facade, I have taken little help from your definition of room orientation optimization, And i have used octopus first time to optimize the fins size, but i dont know why i’m getting negative values after the simulation. I think there is something wrong i did in the script. please help!

thank you

fins optimization.3dm (70.3 KB)

Can you upload a screenshot of the case where you get negative values? Is it negative value for a single radiation study?

Hi Mostapha, i tried to solve but not sure how much it is correct. I have used octopus to the first time, i have tried to minimize thradiation through optimizing the length and the rotation of the fins. it will be great if you can see if what ever is scripted is going the right way,.

Warm regards!.

fins (429 KB)

Hi M[I]A,

Generally speaking it looks good but you probably want to connect fins to context and not test geometries. Currently fins are also connected to geometries and the amount of radiation on them is also included in your study.