Fisheye Image with the LBT release

Dear @chris,
a little question about the new LBT component.

Testing the new release to update my workflow, I needed a “simple” rendering for a fisheye Image.
I saw that is present the “View” component, which give me this function, but not a ImageBasedSimulation recipe to generate a HDR image.

It is equally possible to recreate it with the LBT version, or I have to wait the new stable release?

Best regard,

@Sonny.Weaver ,

I know that we have components for setting up and assigning views to the Model but we don’t yet have any recipes for image-based analysis. As we stated at the end of the release notes, the reason why we have such a minimal set of recipes right now is that there were some big edits that we wanted to make to the way that recipes are specified in the new LBT plugin. We are close to having these big edits done in the development version of the plugins and, once it’s complete, we’ll be able to add several new recipes in a relatively short amount of time.

This is all just to say that you will have to wait if you want to run image-based analyses in the LBT plugin. However, if you use the “LB Versioner” component to keep up to date with the development version of the plugin, this should be a matter of weeks rather than a couple of months when we are targeting another stable release.

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