Fixed Interval Schedule


I was trying to use a fixed interval schedule for heating and cooling load which has 8760 hourly values for each, but discovered that once the schedules are forwarded as an input for the program type, the different hourly values are neglected and HB sets constant setpoints.

I investigated that and found that the heating and cooling schedule change when they are entered to the create program function and change from being dynamic (having variations) to become constant for both?

This is version 1.3. Is there a solution?

Hi @mostafamsaad ,

Using a Fixed Interval schedule for the setpoint is working fine for me: (66.6 KB)

Are you sure that you plugged in a full 8760 values for the fixed interval schedule?

If you need an example of changing the setpoint schedule via the program type, here it is: (66.9 KB)

Thanks a lot Chris.
The problem with my file that i used a base program for creating my building program type and this overrides the input that was given for the setpoint schedule.

I’m still not able to recreate what you are talking about. If you have a minimal sample file that recreates it, I can have a look. (79.5 KB)