Flat Solar Envelope Problem


I am a student and I am currently learning how to use ladybug in grasshopper to generate a solar envelope on rhino. I have created a simple model and have used the “CLASS_12_SOLAR_ENVELOPE_ADV” file to test it.

However, it seems that the solar envelope component is ignoring the obstacle curve that I have set up, and just generating a flat envelope at the maximum height above the site as shown below:

As I am a new user, I cannot upload any attachment, please find the google drive link below for my files. I would be very grateful if someone can help to point out have I done incorrectly. Thank you very much.


Dear Abraham

Thank you so much for your reply! To my understanding (correct me if I am wrong), the solar envelope should indicate the maximum massing volume that I can build on the plot, that it would not block away direct solar access to the existing building (the box at north), this is why I have located the building at north, expecting there will be a “slope” generated on the solar envelope.

But I have tried putting in more blocks at the south of the plot, and it is still generating a flat envelope. Do you think it might be a problem with the script that I am using?

Thanks again for replying!

I was probably not concentrated when i replied. You are right. Sorry for the confusion.
I’ll check your file later on.

Thank you so much!


Tried many things and it didn’t work … until i changed unit to mts. Then it is fine.

Untitled_AY.3dm (106.7 KB)

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Dear Abraham

Thank you so much!! Would have never thought of changing the unit! I really appreciate it and could not thank you enough!!