Floors turning into Air Walls?

Hello Everyone!

I am preparing my script for energy and daylight simulations. The building is a high-rise building (20 floors) where I want to analyze zones based on floors, however, there are some adjacent zones and the air is mixed between them (Shown in the attached image). I am trying to create air walls, but I am not sure how to assign only WALLS to be air walls, now even floors are appearing as air walls.

I tried to separate zones based on floors, but since I have 20 floors it will not be convenient to select the zones on each floor and assign air walls. I have also thought of creating the zones surface by surface, but the idea here is to be able to change the zones size and number of floors paramatically.

Is there any simple way I can assign air walls to WALLS only?

I’ve attached my GH file as well.

Air wall.gh (542.7 KB)

You need to solve the adjacency twice. Once for each floor and set the walls to Air Wall and then between the floors while keeping the current boundary conditions.

Air wall_msr.gh (552.1 KB)

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Thank you very much Mostapha! It works great now!

I was just wondering about the logic behind it, how does the second “Solve Adjacency” component understand that floors and ceilings are not part of the air walls anymore?

In the first component the zones in each floor are grouped together in a separate branch and I have removed flatten from _HBZones input. As a result it only solves the adjacency between the zones in each floor. In the second component the input is flattened so it solves the adjacency between all the zones but since removeCurrentAdjc is set to False it does keep the Air Wall adjacency for the walls that are set in the first component.

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Great, I got it!
Thank you Mostapha.